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Calendar Day Off LOA
Posted On: Oct 08, 2018
October 7, 2018
Frontier Flight Attendants will finally get our Calendar Day Off in Base!!! 
The company, through the threat of arbitration, has finally agreed to honor the contract language that states every 7th day we get to come home for a full calendar day off.
We are pleased to report the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Frontier Master Executive Council has agreed to a Pre-Arbitration Settlement of the MEC Grievance for calendar day off in base (1-in-7 rule).  The grievance was filed in 2015 for violations where the company thought it was okay to fly Flight Attendants more than seven days as long as they had a 24-hour layover in an outstation.  We knew that having Flight Attendants away from their home for weeks at a time was not the intent of this contract language.  For as long as this administration has been in office, the company had refused to settle this grievance individually via settlement talks.  So we moved to arbitration.
The MEC selected the “Calendar Day Off” grievance as its first of the pending grievances to be heard in arbitration.  The company finally submitted a proposal to settle prior to the Arbitration hearing.  The Union felt the proposal was reasonable with some minor changes to help clarify the language. This is a Letter of Agreement (LOA), we are clarifying existing language and putting the new language into our existing contract.  This is a WIN for all of us!! The voting members of the MEC, Joslynn Wiese (LEC87), Kathleen O’Brien (LEC71), Grant Alden (LEC86) and Michael Rice (LEC85) cast a unanimous “Yes” to move forward with this agreement. (See Attach LOA) This LOA will also be posted to the AFA website once all the signatures are attained.
The company and the union agreed to the proposal as modified.  Here are the clarifying points in this agreement: 
-        ONLY during a Declared Irregular Operations (DIO) Frontier may use the 24-hour break, in or out of base, to satisfy the requirement for a calendar day off in any 7 consecutive days.
Note:  Article 5.BB states a Declared Irregular Operation (DIO) is defined as any short-term event such as whether or airport closure that significantly disrupts or that is predicted to significantly disrupt at least 25% of the total daily system flight segments.  A DIO may be declared by the VP of Flight Operations or the Director of System Operations Control (SOC) or (a position they report to) based on a known or predicted event.
-       Frontier will remove flying from a Flight Attendant’s schedule in order to satisfy the Calendar Day Off requirement.  The Flight Attendant will resume their trip after the calendar day off in base is satisfied provided that trip comes back through base, or Frontier is able to deadhead the Flight Attendant to a city to resume the scheduled trip.  If Frontier is not able to return the Flight Attendant to resume their trip, they will be placed on Available to Assign (AVA).  In this scenario, Frontier has agreed that AVA will be counted as premium pay. 
(See examples in the attached LOA for more clarification).
-       Frontier will settle grievances filed with AFA on this issue.
-       AFA will withdraw the grievances filed against the company for Calendar Rest Violations.

- This agreement went into effect on October 1, 2018.

We will continue to move forward with scheduling arbitration hearings to resolve grievances, and if the company provides reasonable settlements to those grievances we will continue to consider those offers but never at the detriment to our Flight Attendants.  Special thanks to all AFA Officers, Grievance Committee members, and our AFA Legal team for documentation needed to resolve this issue.
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