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Mentor Committee

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The committee's primary responsibility is the protection of all New Hire Flight Attendants against contract violations, and to provide guidance to New Hires while on probation. As a New Hire Representative we:

  • Assist with interpreting the reserve, scheduling and hours of service sections of the contract.
  • Educate reserve flight attendants as to contract provisions applicable to reserve flight attendant status.
  • Assist New Hires in the bidding process and how to manage their schedule.
  • Monitor New Hires concerns on a local basis.
  • Document, monitor, and follow up with new hire interactions and concerns


Specific Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Act in an advisory role to the LEC Officers regarding reserve issues 
  • Work to actively educate Flight Attendants regarding the reserve section of the contract 
  • Answer Flight Attendant questions regarding reserve duty and help them to interpret the contract in accordance with guidelines set by the LEC and MEC 
  • Investigate and respond to Flight Attendant concerns regarding reserve assignments and Crew Scheduling compliance with contract language. Gather information and work with management to satisfactorily resolve each issue. 
  • Communicate any unresolved issues and/or potential contract violations to the Grievance Committee on members’ behalf 

Why Would I Contact This Committee? 

The Reserve Committee is available to help you with: 

  • Questions about Reserve duty 
  • Investigating and responding to concerns regarding Reserve assignments 
  • Coordination between Reserve F/As and the Inflight Crew Scheduling department 
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