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The Holiday Blues
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The Holiday Blues
Updated On: Aug 16, 2015
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA MEC Frontier Employee Assistance Program/ Professional Standards (EAP/PS) 
December 22, 2014

Fellow Flight Attendants,
Holiday Blues: What Are They? While the holiday season is usually filled with joy and excitement, the holidays can also trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety, commonly referred to as the “holiday blues.” People experiencing the holiday blues often feel down or sad, and don’t feel as though they are enjoying the season the way they normally do. Symptoms typically last less than two weeks, and affect more women than men. Many factors during the holiday season cause the holiday blues, including: - Time change and shorter days - Increased alcohol use - Overeating - Lack of sleep - Lack of exercise - Lack of time for oneself.

How to Avoid the Holiday Blues Betsy Schwartz, Vice President of Public Education at the National Council for Behavioral Health, says, “We're all on overload this time of year…It's really important to make time for ourselves, do things we enjoy, and be mindful of taking care of ourselves. It will help to be sure that we're exercising, that we're not overdoing it with too much alcohol or too many cookies, and that we make time to be with people we enjoy."

Here are some additional tips for avoiding the holiday blues this year: - Acknowledge and respect your feelings. - Reach out to your family, religious community, or social network for support. - Participate in social events and volunteer opportunities. - Exercise regularly and eat healthy. - Make time for yourself. Relaxation activities like yoga and meditation can help improve mood. - Get the recommended 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

We are always here for you at  1-844-232-3971, ext. 1 or  Please make sure you have this number in your phone.

Happy Holidays,

Dani, Lisa, Ellie, Chris & Kim – AFA MEC Frontier EAP/PS Committee

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