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Grievance Committee 

Why Would I Contact This Committee? 

The Grievance Committee is available to help you with: 

  • Guidance and assistance in situations where contractual violations have occurred 

  • Representation in disciplinary meetings and hearings 



You are entitled to union representation during any conversation with management!

Specific Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Enforce the contract 
  • Represent all Flight Attendants when unjust discipline is issued 
  • Collect evidence and establish that the alleged violation has occurred. Solicit documentation as needed. 
  • Clearly and persuasively explain the union’s position concerning a grievance 
  • Frankly explain to a grievant when there is little or no chance of winning a grievance 
  • Ensure that time limits are met for filing 
  • File grievances 
  • Handle initial grievance hearings; report the results to the LEC Officers and the grievant 
  • Keep complete files on assigned cases 
  • Assist union attorneys in preparing grievances for System Board 
  • Keep the grievant informed about the processing of his/her grievance 
  • Review material, handle correspondence, and keep the LEC Officers well informed of current grievance developments 
  • Communicate regularly with the membership about decisions on local grievances—promote wins and explain ramifications of a loss 
  • Write grievance articles for local membership communications upon request by the LEC Officers 

MEC Chair

Jeremy Laurrell

[email protected]


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