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Negotiating Committee

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Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Negotiating Committee shall include the following:

  1. The Committee, with the advice of the Staff Negotiator shall have the authority to conclude an agreement, subject to the provisions of Article XII. of the Constitution and Bylaws.

  2. All members of the Committee, including alternates whenever possible, shall complete a negotiations training seminar prior to writing an "opener."

  3. Committee members shall be familiar with Union policy and keep abreast of new developments in the industry.

  4. Committee members shall utilize the facilities and resources of the Union and the experience and knowledge of Union Officers, International Office staff and study com- mittees of the Union. (eg., Legal, Retirement and Insurance, Wage and Working Conditions, etc.).

  5. Committee members shall maintain a current record of the:

    1. (1)  Financial condition of the company.

    2. (2)  Management lines of authority and methods of communication.

    3. (3)  Operations statistics and experiences of the airline which may be used in bar- gaining, grievances, litigation, etc.


  1. Committeemembersshallbefamiliarwiththewishesoftheflightattendantgroupwith respect to wages, working conditions, and work rules, through, for example, system-wide distribution of contract surveys, periodic road shows, etc.

  2. TheCommittee,withtheadviceoftheStaffNegotiator,shallpreparethecontractopener.

  3. The Committee shall provide regular updates to the membership on the status of negotiations through, for example, newsletters, hotlines, telephone trees, etc.

i. TheCommitteeshallmaintainacompleterecordofthenegotiations,includingproposals, notes and communications, and such record is the property of AFA-CWA. A copy of this record will be forwarded to the International Office by the Negotiating Committee.