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Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC) 

Specific Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Acts in an advisory role to the Officers on safety matters 
  • Studies local air safety and health problems and prepares recommendations to be presented to the Officers for consideration 
  • Reviews material, handles correspondence, and keeps the local members well informed of current safety developments. Provides information to the Communications Committee for inclusion in Local Council communications. 
  • Attends management debriefings when safety related issues are discussed 

The ASHSC is available to help you with: 

  • Concerns or reports of safety, health, or security hazards onboard the aircraft and in other work locations 
  • Obtaining resources and information from the AFA International Air Safety, Health, & Security Department 
  • Questions about the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) 

Sub-Committee - Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)  

What is ASAP? 

  • Flight Attendants to report their own inadvertent violations of Company policy or FAA regulations through a non-disciplinary, non-punitive system.  
  • Voluntary and confidential self-disclosure program for Flight Attendants that will allow the AFA, the Company, and the FAA to determine specific commonalities surrounding these violations. 
  • Flight Attendant reports an inadvertent safety violation that they, themself, did or failed to perform through the ASAP reporting system.  
  • The report is de-identified (name and employee number removed) and forwarded to the Event Review Committee (ERC).  
  • The ERC consists of an AFA representative, an Inflight representative, and a representative from the FAA.  
  • The team reviews the report and collectively decides to either accept or reject the report based on set criteria agreed upon by all three parties.  
  • Exclusion from the program includes criminal activity, the use of a controlled substance or alcohol, or intentional falsification.  
  • The event must also be unintentional, and not involve behavior that is considered reckless. Once the report is accepted into the program, the Flight Attendant involved is protected against any Company discipline and any FAA civil penalties.  
  • Following the outcome of the ERC review, the Flight Attendant may have to participate in some follow-up activities recommended by the ERC in order to keep the reported event in the ASAP program. Follow-up activities may include interviews, procedural reviews and/or training. 

ASAP Repoting